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An Innovative Approach to Tackling Homelessness

Machine use is solely for those in need, with the partner organisation in each locality responsible for identifying people who would benefit from the use of our machines. These partners not only have knowledge of their local homeless population, but also deal with at-risk individuals on a day-to-day basis. This local organisation is where people sign up to gain access to the machines and also where they have their weekly meeting. These meetings not only monitor their well-being and development, but are also a safe space where support can be offered.

We believe that this regular engagement with professionals and support services is positively instrumental in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

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The Rise and Scale of Homelessness in the UK

09 March

Homelessness is a desolating issue that pervades every city in the UK. Shelter states that there are currently over 300,000 homeless people living in the UK, a figure indicating an increase of 13,000 people in […]

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Next Generation Vending

12 February

We have been very fortunate to partner up with our amazing tech partner VendSmart. Thanks to the tech savvy wizards over at VendSmart, Curb Hunger will be utilising the latest vending hardware and next generation […]

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Introducing Curb Hunger

31 January

Welcome, we are Curb Hunger – a new charity with an innovative approach to tackling homelessness. We’ll start by introducing our mission: Curb Hunger is committed to alleviating hardship through providing some of the most […]

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