We believe that everyone
is entitled to the most basic human requirements

About Curb Hunger

We are Curb Hunger. We install vending machines in key locations across the UK, providing essential items to the homeless. Our machines dispense three free items a day, with women given access to a fourth item once a month. Items include food, soft drinks, sanitary and toiletry products, dog food, books and more. Machine access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We aim to provide some of the most basic necessities to the most vulnerable in our society.

How does it work?

As well as providing essential items to the homeless we also focus on incentivising our users to keep in regular contact with local services, where they can gain the necessary support to begin improving their situation. Each machine has a corresponding partner organisation in the form of a charity or day centre, and continued machine access is contingent on weekly visits to the local partner. At these visits overall wellbeing is monitored, and their account recharged to allow access for the following week.

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How We Work

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09 March

Homelessness is a desolating issue that pervades every city in the UK. Shelter states that there are currently over 300,000 homeless people living in the UK, a figure indicating an increase of 13,000 people in […]

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Next Generation Vending

12 February

We have been very fortunate to partner up with our amazing tech partner VendSmart. Thanks to the tech savvy wizards over at VendSmart, Curb Hunger will be utilising the latest vending hardware and next generation […]

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Introducing Curb Hunger

31 January

Welcome, we are Curb Hunger – a new charity with an innovative approach to tackling homelessness. We’ll start by introducing our mission: Curb Hunger is committed to alleviating hardship through providing some of the most […]

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