Curb Hunger’s Mission…

Curb Hunger is dedicated to alleviating hardship through providing some of the most essential items to the homeless – one curb at a time!

We believe that everyone is entitled to life’s most basic necessities. We specialise in providing vending machines, accessible 24/7 and supplying essentials such as food, water, hygiene & sanitary items and warm clothing to the homeless. We also ensure that the users of our machines are in regular contact with local support services and professionals who can help them in working towards a longer-term plan of getting off the streets.

Through generous donations from shops, organisations and members of the public we can keep our machines stocked with otherwise hard to come by items for the homeless.

How it Works

a figure touching a donate button

Items are donated from supermarkets, retailers & local shops

a heart hovering over 3 illustrations of people

People who would benefit from machine usage are identified

illustration of food

Users can access up to three free items a day, 24/7

2 hands surrounding a heart

Users have weekly check-ins with local support services to have their account recharged for the following week

The homeless are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.
This is a growing problem and requires our urgent attention.